The purpose of this service is to help the executive and his family to become familiar with the city and lifestyle. In this process, some properties and possible schools are also visited, so that they have a clear idea of the options they will find in the city, prior to their final arrival in the country.

Home search

Through this service we offer support to the executive and his family in the search for a temporary or permanent property, according to their requirements and needs. Throughout the process they will be accompanied by a Consultant who will help them make the best decision in negotiating the contract and reviewing all the required documents.

School search

Through this service we support the expat and his family in the search for schools for their children, according to their requirements and needs. Throughout the process, they will be accompanied by a Consultant who will support them until they make the final decision and their children are enrolled in the school.

Immigration Processes

We offer support in the migratory and hiring process so that the transferred person and his family can work and live legally in Peru, as well as the Cancellation of his Residence once his assignment in the country ends.

Property Management

We support and advise owners and tenants in the management of their proprties, which includes monitoring payments, maintenance and posible repairs, according to the requirements of each client.

Driver’s License

We support the executive during the process of obtaining his Peruvian driver’s license, providing him with the information, requirements and necessary support throught the process.

Temporary Furniture Rental

We provide temporary furniture rental service while their shipment arrives so that they can be installed as quickly as possible in their new home.

International Moving

Through our partners Security International Moving (SIM), we provide all the support required to move your personal effects and furniture from the country of origin to your destination.

Cultural Training

Orientation on the Peruvian culture, as well as the different cultures in the world to understand how people react both in the personal and work areas.


The purpose of this service is to support the executive and his family once their assignment in Peru has ended including the return of the property they had rented and cancellation of services in order to make this process easier and more effective.

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    Mi experiencia con LARM Perú ha sido excelente. Las personas a cargo de mi proceso se han esforzado por brindarme toda la información, asesoría y acompañamiento que he necesitado para este desembarque en Lima. También me han dado muy buenas recomendaciones respecto a temas logísticos, como: obtención de la licencia de conducción, contratación de servicio doméstico.

    Nelson GualteroPluspetrol

    Mi feedback es muy positivo, las personas a cargo de mi proceso han rebasado mis expectativas y su ayuda me ha permitido establecerme sin mayores contratiempos.Han coordinando de forma oportuna y siempre atentas a cualquier requerimiento. Cuidando cada detalle a la perfección y cuidado mis intereses y de mi familia de forma impecable, además ha sido muy empática conmigo y mi familia; siempre atenta a cualquier necesidad.

    José Luis MontielNissan Perú

    La experiencia con el equipo LARM Perú ha sido excelente, agradezco el apoyo y acompañamiento desde el primer momento. Sin puntos de mejoría para mencionar.
    Sobre el servicio de Licencia de Conducir el equipo me apoyo con todos los puntos necesarios, el trato y acompanamiento fue en general muy bueno, ademas entendieron muy bien las necesidades planteadas.

    Andrea OropezaMakro

    Su equipo nos ha colaborado de manera muy rápida y eficiente.
    Estamos agradecidos por el servicio. ¡Muchas gracias!

    Juan Carlos GuzmánAlicorp

    The performance of the LARM team was first rate, with a number of interesting hurdles needing to be crossed at different times. While the engagement processes changed in the 14-month period, the attention to detail did not.

    Michael PorteousAnglo American Quellaveco

    All good, your service was excellent. Nothing to say but thank you very much.

    Eduardo Dos Anjos PontualCoca-Cola

    The services provided and attention to detail were excellent, especially considering the added difficulty of the COVID situation. We were extremely pleased with the level of service and adaptation In Arequipa...I would certainly rank the overall service an 8/8.

    Clayton SandersAnglo American Quellaveco

    Everything went well and my transition team provided the level of service that makes things that bit easier. They get challenged once we started to deal with leaving the current apartment, but everything came through okay.

    Michael PorteousAnglo American Quellaveco

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